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Proverbs of a 38 yr old man

Teach your child to do the right things! A wise child accepts a parent’s discipline; a mocker refuses to listen to correction. A smack might save them from death. Smack them! Save their spirit from death! Sometimes you need to punish a child with a smack. A smack will not kill your child. But a smack will teach them the right way to behave. And your child will learn how to live wisely. Your punishment now may save your child from a much worse punishment later in life. You could even save them from the evil behavior that might cause their death. Perhaps you do not need to hurt your child in order to teach that child. The law in some countries may not allow you to hit your child. But you must teach your child. And you must stop your child when that child’s behavior is wrong. Then the child will learn to do the right things. But you will be glad if your child learns to be wise. You must teach your child to be wise. You must teach the child to respect God. And if you do the right things, your child will copy your behavior. And your child will also teach other people to be wise. Children with good sense accept correction from their parents, but stubborn children ignore it completely.

I hear you say to me Heavenly Father: My son, if you learn to be wise and show good sense, then I shall be glad. I shall be glad when you speak the right words and live in righteousness.

Study Prov. 23:24


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