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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

(Heavenly Adventures Series) A Dream World. Isa.11:6 In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all. Hungry lions hunger in this world and they are never satisfied. Young lions suffer and die for lack of food. The fierce lion will starve for lack of prey, and the cubs of the lioness will be scattered. And the lamb it lives in fear. Without a human shepherd they are easy prey out in the green pastures. They lack direction and wander looking for fresh springs and greener grass. Never able to find true rest and satisfaction. Come with me to a Heavenly Adventure where the lion lays with the lamb. It yawns with its menacing teeth as the lamb rests on the lions mane. It does not fear the roar of the Lion or the mighty teeth it’s bares. It feels safe and secure. The lion is full and satisfied as it licks the lamb on its face in love and care. There is no need to chase after sustenance in glorious prides. There is a glorious humility that makes the lions mouth shut. And there is a powerful presence within that makes the lamb fearless. A green pasture from within, and for the lion a meaty power from within that causes great peace in the land of heaven. Could it be that the Spirit of The King lives in all its Kingdom? In its people and in all its inhabitants. King Jesus is called the Lion and the Lamb, and He feeds every living thing early in morning with his hand. Yes, here in the Kingdom of my God His Peace and Righteousness rules the nations. A vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. Oh and praise God, look! It's the redeemed children of faith that will lead them! What will heaven be like? It is good to take Heavenly Adventures in the word of God.

Study Is. 65:25


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