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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Lay Me Down. Yes, I do, I believe. That one day I will be where you are. Right there, right next to you seated in heavenly places. And it's hard, the days just seem so dark. The moon, and the stars are nothing without you. Your touch, your skin, where do I begin? I can't imagine what your disciples felt when they say you leave in the clouds to receive your glory. I am sure no words can explain the way they were missing you. I can't deny this emptiness, this hole that I'm feeling inside. These tears they tell their own story, I have never seen you but I believe in you because of the power of Holy Spirit in my life. I know LORD you said that it is for our own benefit that you have gone away. For if you didn't go away, the Advocate, the Comforter would not have come. But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong. During the trials and tribulations of this life I wish I could lay by your side like the way John the beloved did? Can I lay by your side, next to you now? I do not want to go through anything if your not there with me. I'm reaching out to you. Can you hear my call, Jesus? This hurt that I've been through is like swimming in raging waters. I get tired of every wave coming against me. I need to rest awhile away from the storms in my life. They keep coming and I'm missing you, I'm missing you like crazy. So can I lay by your side right now? Next to you in the boat of relationship you have prepared for me in the midst of my enemies. Yes, give me strength, give me faith to walk on water towards you resting in the boat. There you invite me to rest next you even when the winds and the rains are at their harshest point. I know you make sure I am alright. I know you will take care of me. I know you will bring peace be still in the midst of the storm in me. There are some who ask, "Who will be good to us?" Let your kindness, LORD, shine brightly on us. You brought me more happiness than a rich harvest of grain and grapes. I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

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