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Proverbs of a 40 yr. old man

God's people will escape, but all who are wicked will pay the price. Everyone who sees me mocks me. They sneer and shake their heads, saying, “Is this the one who relies on the LORD? Then let the LORD save him! If the LORD loves him so much, let the LORD rescue him!” You, LORD, brought me safely through birth, and you protected me when I was a baby at my mother's breast. From the day I was born, I have been in your care, and from the time of my birth, you have been my God. Do not stay so far from me, for trouble is near, and no one else can help me. Amen. On this earth, good people sometimes suffer, even when wicked people do not suffer. Sometimes innocent people suffer. This is God’s principle. It is not a human principle. However, in the end God will punish evil people. Sometimes evil people suffer instead of good people, even on this earth. But in the end, God will punish all evil people. So, we must refuse to do evil deeds. And we must trust in God. If we do this, God will forgive us. For the wicked become a ransom for the righteous, and the faithless for the upright. The Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their sufferings and to punish evil people while they wait for the day of judgment.

Study Proverbs 11:8


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