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Proverbs of a 40 yr old man

There are people who oppose every good thing. They do not know how they should behave. Or, they choose to do evil deeds. These people hate the daylight. The murderer gets up at night. He kills poor people. And he is a thief by night. A married man wants to have sex with a woman who is not his wife. So, he waits for nightfall. He thinks, ‘Nobody will see me.’ He covers his face. Thieves enter houses by night. But they stay inside during the day. They hate the daylight. These people are afraid of the daylight. They are familiar with the terrors of the night. Wicked people prefer darkness and hate daylight. They carry out their evil deeds in secret. There shame has no end to the point where they practice sin in open daylight. Such people are like bubbles on the surface of water. They do not deserve anything that is good. There should be no fruit in their gardens. When the weather is dry and warm, snow just disappears. In the same way, these evil people will die. Even their mothers will not remember these evil people. Instead, the tiny animals in the grave will eat their bodies. These people are like a tree that has fallen down. They were cruel to women who had no children. They were unkind to widows. But God is strong. When he opposes these powerful men, they will die. God might allow them to think that they have security. But he is watching their actions. They are successful for a short time, but then they die. They must die, like everyone else. God decides how long a person will live. And God decides when these wicked people will die. They will not return from hell. They will never carry out their cruel activities again. A wicked man may be powerful. And nobody may dare to oppose that man. But when God acts, that man will die. Nothing can prevent that man’s death. Such men are like corn during the harvest. A farmer decides when he will collect the corn. On that day, the corn plant cannot remain in the field. Its end is certain.

Study Job 24:13


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