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Weds morning Zoom Battle prayer link 12/6/23

Weds morning zoom battle prayer is on!. Let’s do this! New week, new theme and topic. Come join with brothers in Christ and let’s grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. The LORD is raising up men that understand the times they are living in and want to pursue stronger relationship with God and each other.

This new week we are starting a new series.

Overall Theme: The Real You. Living in the Truth of Gods Living Word.

Topics: Christ lived in the Light of His Father. Darkness to Light. Identity is everything.

Our identity in Christ is first and foremost one of newness. We are new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Identity is defined as “the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known,” so our new identity in Christ should be recognizable both to ourselves and to others. If we are “in Christ,” that should be evident, just as being “in the world” is equally evident. A further definition of identity is “the quality or condition of being the same as something else.” In the case of our identity in Christ, our lives should indicate that we are the same as Christ. The names “Christians” means literally “followers of Christ.”

We are so quick to tie our identity to roles we have in life (Dad, coach, teacher, etc) or our behaviors or personality traits (smart, athletic, slow, optimistic, messy.

All of those things may be a small part of who you are but your core identity, your identity in Christ, is one that cannot be changed or shaken.

It is who you are in every season of life, in every job you hold, in every role you take on, and in every success and failure.

Your identity in Christ is rich, deep, unique, and solidly rooted in God, not your own behavior.

One of the greatest blessings about our identity in Christ is the grace we’re given in order to grow into the spiritual maturity that truly reflects our new identity. Our lives in light of our identity in Christ are filled with a heavenly Father, a large, loving family, and the understanding that we are citizens of another kingdom and not of this earth.

Weds morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can. See you in the morning. Link is also available on the ministry website

Battle music link for the morning:

Remember battle prayer notes are available on ministry forum after zoom session:

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