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Weds morning zoom battle prayer link 2/21/24

Weds. morning zoom battle prayer is on! Let’s do this! New week, new theme with new topics. Come join with brothers in Christ and let’s grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. The LORD is raising up men that understand the times they are living in and want to pursue stronger relationship with God and each other.

This new week we are continuing our series.

Overall Theme: Read Through Scripture Series: The Book of Colossians

It is important that we understand the truth if we are going to live in the truth. The church in the city of Colossae was dealing with some of the same issues we struggle with today: deep and dangerous confusion about who Jesus is and the kind of life He calls us to live. The apostle Paul, who was in prison for his testimony about Christ, heard about the many heresies that were circulating among the Colossians and wrote to them so they might understand the real truth about Jesus Christ. The church in the city of Colossae was dealing with some of the same issues we struggle with today.

These false teachings mixed Greek and Jewish ideas with the Christian perspective, creating a deceptive misunderstanding about the deity of Christ. Paul countered this with a powerful argument that Jesus Christ is “the image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15). He is both the One who created all things and the head of the church. He is the King over all His kingdom.

Therefore, Paul called upon the Colossians to reject any so-called knowledge, whether secular or religious, that diminishes the uniqueness of Christ. And he called the Colossian believers to reflect Christ’s character in every area of their lives, to put the truth into practice. We are to exalt Christ and display His glory and truth by the way we live for His kingdom. That’s what it means for us today when we are called to live in the Truth.

Topics: 1. Continue to live with Christ in your lives 2. Do not follow rules that people make. 3. How to live your new life with Christ.

Weds. morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can. See you in the morning. Link is also available on the ministry website

Battle music link for the morning:

Remember battle prayer notes and video recording are available on ministry forum after zoom session:

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