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I Love my Shepherd

I see this playful lamb running and jumping joyfully. Eating grass and rolling around in life, while keeping its eye on the shepherd. The lamb loves the shepherd so much; it runs up and licks his face in honor of him. As they approach a deep valley, the shepherd calls for the lamb and picks it up and puts it on his shoulders. The lamb becomes frightened as they walk. He sees the sun hide in the mountains, the grass turn into dry dust, and the trees turning into skeletons. It hides it face in the neck of the Shepherd trusting in his every step. He opens his eyes for just a moment and sees a dead goat that had got stuck in a thicket. The sight sends shivers down it spine and tears begin to run down its face because of sadness. The good shepherd rubs its head and covers its eyes with some of his head garment. The lamb was so comforted that it fell asleep and had to be woken up by the shepherd. The lamb nervously woke up expecting the valley of the shadow of death, but awoke to an oasis of living springs. It was shocked and relieved, so thankful for the shepherd’s wisdom to navigate through treacherous lands. He leaped into pure waters and filled its thirsty soul. And in a moment as it rested in green soft grass, it was reminded of the goat that had died stuck in a thicket. Then humbling looking at his shepherd, it was remembering that it has always been said to stay close to the shepherd and not to go far away from him. Very easily you get can lost by yourself in a valley or even get attacked by a wild beast. If I love my Shepherd I will listen for his voice and live in the safety of his gaze. Study Is. 40:11  

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