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There once was a Kingdom above all kingdoms. The Kingdom was thriving and growing expanding to new territories. The Royal Family decided to go out to these new territories and welcome new people to their Kingdom. The people in the other kingdoms loved the Royal Family, especially the poor, the sick, the lame, the blind, and the lost. Many of these people never had anyone ever care about their lives. Meanwhile while they were bringing the good news to other kingdoms, a mutiny was happening in the main city of the Kingdom. An Evil prince that had committed treason against the Royal Family came and attacked The Kingdom City while they were away. This Evil prince was known around other kingdoms as a dictator and always wanted their allegiance despite his cruelty and enslavement.
The Royal Family was outraged! Innocent people were captured and many people killed. This evil prince had a vendetta against the Royal Family and held the people captive. He sent word to the Family and said,” I am to be respected as king, and king over this people. I will be exalted above all the kingdoms my name will be revered even by you. The Royal Family was indignant but still had compassion for Kingdom City and its people. They devise a plan to save the Kingdom from this injustice! The Evil Prince was so secure in His reign that he rejected the calls of surrender From the Great Family. He thought in his heart the Royal Family will never destroy this City with its Innocent People inside. I will get them to serve me and forget their allegiance to the Royal Family. So the evil prince enslaved the people and many actually joined the mutiny of the evil prince and his minions. Time passed and the people become enslaved and there spirit could not strive.
On a regular day the Royal family surprised the Kingdom City with the arrival of its’s Royal Son, He came Straight from the Royal Fathers heart, dressed in His Fathers armor but it was covered up with normal rags. The Son had sneaked in the Kingdom City without the authorities knowing, For He knew the secret ways to the Kingdom because He was there when the Royal Family had built it.  The Royal Family did not send a solider or a royal subject. The Royal Father sent His only Royal Son to the Kingdom City. The Royal Son was calling the people’s hearts back the Royal Family.  The people were in awe! It had been so long since they had seen anyone from the Royal Family! People were so excited they praised Him in the streets! The Royal Son said, “Many of you have joined the evil prince in this treason but the Royal Family is offering forgiveness and grace. Come follow me out of the city I know a way out to spare you from judgment that is coming. Many that were faithful to the family packed their bags at once, while still others had come accustomed to the slavery and resisted. The Royal Son saw many lost souls and had compassion for them. Some were born without every knowing the Royal Family.  Just as people were getting ready for their departure with the Royal Son;  the evil prince found out that The Royal Son was in the city. He commanded his minions to capture Him immediately and bring Him to trial.
The Royal Son did not resist capture and was taken away to the main courthouse. Many people were saddened by his capture while others jeered him, for their hearts were for the evil prince. Once the Royal Son arrived for trial, the evil prince asked Him why He came unpronounced. The evil prince wanted to know why He was here. The Royal Son said He was here to save the innocent before the judgment of the Royal Family on the evil prince. This enraged the evil prince and he felt disrespected because he wanted to be known as King. The Royal Son said to Him that He was in judgment and no such status would be given to Him. The evil prince said,” I will show the Royal Family that I am not to be ridiculed; I will take away the Royal Sons Life. He grabbed a pistol from one of his minions saying,” I will shoot Him in his Heart so I can destroy the Royal Fathers heart. So he ordered him to be beaten to a pulp before the whole Kingdom City. Many people joined in the beatings as well as the minions of evil. Then He was shot right in the heart and his body was thrown outside the city to be eaten by the dogs.
A couple days later the Royal Son awoke outside the city. He notice on his chest there was a bullet lodged in His Heart. He was so thankful that He wore His Fathers armor. It held the bullet from penetrating through. So He went back the same way He came through the Kingdom City, in that secret tunnel only He would know. He appeared to all the people again, now though with His Chest exposing the bullet in His heart. He said, “My people it is me the Royal Son, I will forgive you, for you know not what you do. Please follow me out of here and escape the wrath to come prepared for evil prince and his minions. If you stay here you will end up being destroyed by the brightness of The Royal Family’s Coming! The people marveled because of the Love the Royal Son had for them even after getting shot in the heart and taking a beating from many of them. He still wanted to save as many people from this Destruction coming. The people yelled, BulletHeart! BulletHeart! Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Royal Father! There were a great number of people that no man could count with the naked eye that followed BulletHeart. They escaped out of the city through a one way secret tunnel and were received by the Royal Family. The evil prince was shocked! He couldn’t believe the amount of people that had escaped! All He heard was BulletHeart has freed many people! Who is this bullet heart he said. Close up the gates no one leaves or comes out. He was angry, was bitter that people were following Bulletheart. Meanwhile the Royal Family agreed it was time to destroy the Kingdom City from the Ground up. The evil prince had polluted the Kingdom, enslaved the people, and now tried to kill the Royal Son. With Fire in their eyes The Father and Son went to judge the Kingdom City.
When the Royal Family arrived the evil prince was unprepared and astonished with their arrival. The evil prince did not even get to say a word before He heard the chants of BulletHeart! BulletHeart! He realized then that BulletHeart was the Royal Son Left for Dead. The evil prince trembled as if He has seen a ghost! The Royal Son was on white horse and came forward with a Mighty Sword! Then He threw it so hard that it looked like it came out of His mouth! The sword stuck to the ground in front of the city and it shook and broke the very foundations of Kingdom City! The evil prince fell high off the throne and fell to his eternal death along with his minions and all the people who did not leave with the Royal Son! This Kingdom City was consumed with fire! Some say it was the fire that came from the Father and Sons eyes! The city was reduced to rubble and the people who were redeemed by BulletHeart cheered, “for the former things have passed away and a new Kingdom has come”. The Royal Family took the redeem people in and decided they were going to rebuild the City. It would have new foundations that will never crumble or be taken by force. The Royal Son will lead the people into this great new City! And as time passes on, the people will always look upon the Royal Son wearing a special robe that shows the bullet on his heart lodged in. It cannot be removed for He ever lives for His People, redeemed by His Love for them. BulletHeart.

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