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Heavenly Encounters

Meditational Poem (1)

I left from a group prayer this morning ablazed, dripping wet from the deep waters of the Spirit. During prayer I saw dark murky waters slowly move down and join a pure clean stream. It was flowing down into an uncountable number of open hallways that lead to a storehouse or throne. I saw waterfall after waterfall toppling on top of one another. A deafening sound of falling water flowing down to what seemed like a never ending abyss. It seemed to overflow but yet never be full. Forming a narrow space in the middle of the falling waters almost looked like a parting in the middle of an ocean. From there rose a furious fog filling any empty space left. Yes, I see roaring waters and endless fog filling up the empty space to the point where I felt immersed in deep waters, having the fire of God as my only breath. The presence of God was deep it was like moving and operating under the air pressure of Holy Spirit. Everyone in the natural around me felt like they were under water, a little blurred but still able to see and hear them. Then it was lifted at the word Amen. I still felt the effect afterwards, almost like the best swimmers ear you can ever have after being in such deep waters. Im speechless like the holding of my breath. Amen. 

Study Is. 43:2  

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