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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Practically Practical

  1. Your foolish living is ruining your life. You will eventually blame God because He let you do.

  2. The Cross of Christ covers my greatest failure and humbles my greatest accomplishments.

  3. Mankind has yet to improve anything that God has designed.

  4. Before you show your anger go look into a mirror and calm your face.

  5. Drop enough seed so that you can return to water it.

  6. Take the time to understand things. It is foolish to never turn your earthly knowledge into godly wisdom.

  7. People love to practice evil but hate those who actually have been caught doing it.

  8. There is a peace in knowing God knows everything about you.

  9. If you’re in a rush be careful, so is death! Slow down and enjoy spirit and life in Christ.

  10. There are Christians that know their religion or denomination better than they know Christ!

  11. Bad breath can ruin a great testimony, but a bad attitude can even stink up a prayer with tears. 

  12. Your intelligence shows how diligent you are but your character shows how wise you have become.

  13. We are called to be ships that toss waves and not be blown about by waves. A faith that’s full steam ahead.

  14. A true friend says I want to be a brother or a sister for you in this difficult situation.

  15. Every child deserves a father and a mother and every human deserves a Father and Creator.

  16. Blood is thicker than water but Spirit is thicker than blood. The Body of Christ has the Holy Spirit running through their veins!

  17. If you show consistency, you will keep a job. But with your quality of work you will get promotion.

  18. We must learn to give even when we are in lack so that when we have plenty we are content. We need many things but relationship with Christ is enough for today.

  19. Be patient in the fire of trial. God is working not just in you but in those around YOU.

  20. Sometimes the best way to be a Father is just to play catch. Like our Father in Heaven, we send Him our prayers and He sends back His Love and Mercy in Christ!

  21. Don't inflate yourself too much you might suck all the air out of the room, leaving people breathless by the things you are saying.

  22.  We are covered in His Image like a child covered in freckles. God took His paintbrush dipped it in the Holy Spirit and splattered it on your soul.

  23. Jesus is your new search engine. He is the new living way to search out meaning and life.

  24. Many people offer their prayers but never say in whose name.

  25. Jesus came into our flesh so we could come into His Spirit.

  26. It is impossible to catch water with your own hands. Grab the cup that has been emptied of its wrath and has been filled with eternal life. Christ is Living Water, drink up spirit and life.

  27. Truth can be given by a slap in the face or with a warm embrace. Either way it’s still the truth.

  28.  God is not only to be studied, put into a book and taught. He is also to be worshipped, put into your heart and shared through your life.

  29. You can get lost living in a circle.

  30. The chills of righteousness last longer than the goosebumps of sin.

  31. Your pearls of faith are sacred, it has bought your freedom. But be careful who you share your heart with; there are pigs that just want to trample your joy in the mud. Love your enemies but don’t let them take away your spirit that Christ died to give you.

  32. Crabs cannot climb out of an open bucket because they are always pinching each other down. Let us build each other up with love so that we can crawl out of the sins that so easily beset us.

  33. Adopt someone and love them into the body of Christ. There are so many people that have no one to care for them. They need a family to belong to, the family of God.

  34. You don’t see the elephant in the room because you are actually living in its belly. Have faith, light up the stomach and see energy and life, see tissue and cartilage. Let the living word illuminate your way through and see joint and marrow, vein and blood flow. Crawl out of its mouth so you can see the elephant in the room. See that God is real, as real as the skin on your bones.

  35. Sin requires a sacrifice of death, but righteousness requires a sacrifice of life.

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