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Image by George Fitzmaurice

Proverbs of a 38 yr old man.

Wisdom Is Timeless

1. Some of the best things in life are enjoyed in moderation. Enjoy the presence of Jesus without any moderation.
2. Strength and peace go together.
3. The only thing more valuable than money is time.
4. The skeleton of scripture comes to life in Jesus. He is truly the Living Word.
5. Fear the LORD or you will eventually fear his fury.
6. Jesus was guilty through association with us though he was innocent. He bore our sins on the Cross so that we could be righteous through association with Him.
7. You need Gods law to restrain evil.
8. We are not causalities of spiritual war but pillars to the LORD our God!
9. It's amazing how God puts the bits of Holy Spirit into the spirit of a wild sinner and makes them obey, turning their whole life around.
10. Prayer is not all about changing Gods mind but its more about changing yours.
11. God calls His people to be transformed by the renewing of their minds.
12. God is most certainly in control, but that does not mean we should do nothing to further His will.
13. Truth is the elastic band that stretches love out wide. But if you go outside of truth love is snapped and what God has put together sinful humanity has torn apart.
14. Apparently there are two truths: Gods truth and my truth.
15. Sin will quarantine you from your loved ones and from God.
16. God says, you told me you loved me now trust me.
17. Every Christian should be free to follow their own conscience. You will know your in the wrong if its leading to sin.
18. It is easy to knock things down but harder to lift things up.
19. Amazing how God can grow roses on such prickly souls.
20. With just one crumb of grace you could fill the sin glutton soul.
21. Not everything is funny and we learn that without laughing.
22. The strongest of people are those with morals.
23. God is good even though things in life might not be good.
24. Do not call what is evil good and what is good evil. It true blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
25. We must allow the truth of Gods word to purify our hearts and minds.
26. The right answer begins with the right question.
27.  The strength of a human comes from there spirit.
28. Love can never fail because God never fails.
29. Your greatest joy should be to obey the LORD.
30. You are a slave to whatever controls you. Without Christ you are a slave to anything.
31.  We must not continue to sin. We must live as Jesus lived. We must live right and good lives because God is good.
32. Forgiveness does not excuses people's actions. But it does stop their actions from the destroying your heart.
33. As the bird gets his morning worm and the duck gets his morning swim. So I must go and receive my portion daily of Christ in me. Yes, its starts very early in the morning even before the sun is up, the LORD opens up his hands and satisfies the desire of every living thing.
34. Bring out the best in someone else and watch God bring out the best in you.
35. Spend time his presence to grow in trust. Victory over lions tiger and bears will help you face giants.
36. God does not measure spiritual fruit by its beauty or amount. He measures it by the weight of personal sacrifice.
37. Nothing cuts the heart more than the conviction of Holy Spirit.
38. There is one thing that keeps the human race alive more than blood or oxygen, and that is hope in the Living God! 

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