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Image by Jan Kopřiva

Proverbs of a 40 yr old man.

Sweep up and clean up your heart and life.

1. Cut a man so deep that he will never run out of passion. So deep that he never thirsts for anything else but the rivers of life found in Christ.


2. It’s never too late to serve the LORD.


3. The only way God gets people’s attention is through suffering.


4. You can tell how good a leader is by the quality of people that follow them.


5.  Rich people know good plumbers. Poor people know rich plumbers.


6. Each of us is responsible for what we allow in our minds.


7. Marriage is the closet discipleship you will ever have and be in.


8. When you truly get to know someone is when you fall in love. Oh, how quickly best friends turn into lovers.


9. It is a curse to have more than what the heart desires. Better to have a little with the LORD than to have a lot in sin.


10. How can one know himself if one does not know the LORD?


11. We must practice righteousness like we practice cleanliness.


12. It takes the right person to say something to someone at the right time.


13. Jesus could wash feet because He knew his identity.


14. Naked I came into this world and naked I leave it. But clothed in the righteousness of Christ!


15. It is the humblest of people that can carry the heaviest of words.


16. Be careful what you call art, it may be blasphemy. Remember idols always start out as ingenuity and imagination. Then over time it molds you into its image.


17. There is something about stepping on the head of the snake that inspires victory in us.


18. Misplaced anger will destroy everything in your life.


19. Humble yourself, but don’t humiliate yourself. You can give God the glory and still allow him to put a ring on your finger and be covered by his robe of righteousness.


20. It’s very easy to fall in love but it’s harder to stay in love.


21. You appreciate things so much more through the sweat of your brow than things freely given and already cultivated.


22. Make peace with this: you will die and never accomplish all the things you wanted to do and needed to do.  


23. Sometimes the difference is just favor.


24. Familiarity gets the sale.


25. If you’re a hard person all the time your heart for God will not last. Be gentle yet wise in your dealings with people.


26. The greatest wealth is The LORD Himself.


27. Don’t judge so harshly because Jesus is their defender.


28. Don’t expect everyone to be cheap. Some people just want quality good service rather than just a good deal.


29. Appreciation many times pays better than money.


30. No one likes the person that speaks the truth.


31. Like a good father The LORD is going to show up for his children.


32. The LORD can grow us even through the harshest of seasons and places.


33. We are to pray for God to avenge us and not to give revenge.


34. Instead of waiting for someone to be nice. Be nice first.


35. Sexual sin is like a cigarette; it smokes you from the instead. The nicotine of lust feels so good as it ravishes the mind and body.


36. It is better to love even at a loss than to hate with much gain.


37. Considering how hard it is to lose weight. God meant for you to work hard and toil. Your body can take it.


38. Patience births submission.


39. There is no greater honor than to hear someone openly praise God in heaven because of your good works prepared for you since the foundations of the world.


40. Environment is stronger than culture.

























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