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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

Blueprint Thinking

  1. If I can reach the one I know God can use the one to reach the many.

  2. Only God can keep the human heart beating at a moral pace.

  3. The best thing you can do for somebody is to be available.

  4. When your dealing with a lot of manure in your life. Its hard to keep it from getting on you.

  5. Like a sneeze without a napkin is your opinion in the heat of a moment. Grab a tissue first and cover yourself with the facts.

  6. Your reputation is what others think about you. But your character is how God views your reputation.

  7. You are my child, I got you in the womb of my hand. Though things may feel premature, I will carry you full term. Even to the day I come again. 

  8. Jesus, I am your quarter and you are my heads and my tails.

  9. Do not do away with religion for it helps keep what is sacred pure.

  10. Without God we cease to exist.

  11. God can do a lot with a willing spirit because Jesus had victory over our weak flesh.

  12. Everybody believes in alittle light. No one can survive in total darkness.

  13. The mark of the beast has an expiration date. But the seal of Holy Spirit last forever.

  14. Righteous anger is a sharp pitchfork that God uses to separate the wheat from the tares.

  15. Now that you have felt the need of a person go and meet it.

16. If you can't handle autonomy, stop blaming those around you for your incompetence.

17. God can do more through the heart of man than through the strength of man. 

18. Vengeance is the Lord's, and when Jesus comes again the first word out of His mouth is a sword! 

19. When words start to hurt you it's not ok to use sticks and stones to break people's bones. 

20. God will allow a need to come into your life so He can met it.

21. The person that can't control their temper will lose the argument even if there right.

22. Sin is the number killer of mankind.

23. Let your life be the proof of the change in your heart.

24. Nobody believes in the existence of evil till things go bump in the night.

25. Only God can put back together shattered drops of tears. 

26. Don't debate and reason on an empty stomach. You might possibly eat the other person.

27. If you feel like your drowning in despair take a deep breath in prayer.

28. Listen and silent have the same letters.

29. It is exhausting to always need to please yourself.

30. No one is going to heaven with a perfect set of teeth. For all have had cavities or teeth that have fallen out. Smile, Jesus loves you.

31. It is not a normal thing to get whatever you want at whatever time you ask. Apply patience.

32. Death is a forgiveness we all must accept. Cry it out, and when your ready, seek life after death in Christ.

33. If you want God's Presence you need to take sin seriously.

34. Be patient in the fire of trial. God is working not just in you but those around you.

35. We are the only creature on earth conscious enough to look into a mirror and see who we are on the inside. 

36. The devil likes to tickle your feet with sin, but God likes to jam your finger to get your attention to righteousness. 

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