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Diet To Lose Spiritual Weight

Unfortunately you have to diet to lose weight. All the exercise in the world will not be enough to reach the desired weight you want. Inherently in the foods we eat there are too many calories. Your body will self preserve itself before it lets you get rid of it. You can beat your body to oblivion, and you will still need to eat healthier and less calories. Trust me I have tried to eat whatever greasy food I wanted, and then rely on, I will work it off later. Much of my hard workouts total up to burning just a snickers bar. You need to take the time and see what your putting in your mouth and work out accordingly. Eating healthy actually gives you the energy to exercise and lose weight, burning the right kinds of fat. Watch this connection, unfortunately you have to spiritually diet to lose burdens and chains. All the works in the world will not free you from that addiction and evil desire. No amount of people pleasing, church going, or obsession with perfection will do. Maybe it will just burn a snickers bar of the flesh off of you. You need to do the hard work of spiritual disciplines. Filling your mind and heart with the Spirit of Christ. Spending time in personal relationship with God through prayer and the Scriptures. True living water and spiritual food that when taken will lean the soul from the glutenous of sin. Then will see burdens lifted and evil desires quenched by the burning power of Holy Spirit. Hungry to lose weight, just a snickers bar of faith will do.

Study John 15:5

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