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Misty Staircase

The First 33

The Early Proverbs

  1. When you have a leak, try to first plug it before you throw away a full tank. You’re this close to a relationship with God.

  2. The most important thing in life is the truth.

  3. Put up boundaries in your life, it will keep you safe. People like moral boundaries even if they don't admit it.

  4. We talk a lot about what are rights; we forget to ask what is right?

  5. Be a river, not a lake. Small rivers can lead to waterfalls and oceans, lakes are dead ends may evaporate.

  6. Your Freedom should submit to God’s morality.

  7. Jesus did not die just so you can get to go to heaven. He died to get heaven into you.

  8. Where there is law, there is freedom.

  9. People should see and want that relationship you have with Jesus.

  10. How much of the power of God do you want in your life? How much time are you spending in prayer and fasting?

  11. The spirit of a man is flammable; it can ignite with just one touch of God’s Holy Fire.

  12. There is so much knowledge in the world that we cannot morally handle.

  13. Do not blame God for evil, blame evil for evil.

  14. Heaven went bankrupt for you. Human value is priceless.

  15. When your in alot of debt you make bad decisions. And Im not just talking about money. The debt of sin can bankrupt your life.

  16. Do not use the carnal to bring about the spiritual. Don't accomplish by works that which was supposed to be accomplished by faith.

  17. Is a fish free without water? Is a human free without meaning?

  18. It's God’s goodness that leads to repentance.

  19. Live in the rest of Christ, not in the stress of life.

  20. The Bible is not for your brain but for your heart.

  21. Don't wear life on your face. Let us reflect God's glory displayed in the face of Christ.

  22. Some spiritual things you must learn from Jesus not from your pastor.

  23. Appreciate and study your own forgiveness in Jesus. So that you can learn to forgive others.

  24. We are not under sin, but we are overflowing in the grace of Christ.

  25. Keep your phone close don't lose it. In the same way keep Jesus close to your conscious. Don't lose him.

  26. Step out in faith and fall into Gods love.

  27. Today feed on the Spirit of righteousness. His fruit satisfys all desires. Also make sure you leave room for vegetables of repentance.

  28. It is by Grace I have been saved. It is my relationship with God that keeps me free.

  29. There are a lot of crimes which aren’t sins, and there are a lot of sins which aren’t crimes.

  30. We need fewer chiefs and more Indians in the Body of Christ.

  31. Bee angry but do not sting.

  32. Love the sinner, hate your sin.

  33.  Take care of your Spirit the way you take care of your body. Better yet take care of your Body the way you take care of your Spirit.

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