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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

Nails to the Heart.

  1. Pray with one another ​when trials are molehills. Don't wait for trials to become mountains before you start praying lest you lose heart for each other and for God. Bear one another's burdens. 

  2. You were never meant to eat from a pig’s pen. You were made to eat from the Kings table. Let the dogs of this world eat the crumbs of sinful desires; we eat from the very hand of Jesus! 

  3. God is Love. God’s Love is so magnetic that he created gravity to keep us safe from His Holiness! Praise God Jesus ripped through Gravity and draws us with an even stronger pull of force. Christ magnetic Love in me! 

  4. Christ died so that we would no longer continue to live for ourselves. He died and was raised from death so that we would live for Him as He lives for us! Stop holding on to this broken life and realize you were made for His Life.

  5. True religion is to keep ones self unspotted from the world. To stay in the light as He is in the light. Works done in darkness cannot be seen, but in the light of Jesus you can actually see works straight from the heart. 

  6. There are things in life that are good for food, desirable to look at, and can make you wise and insightful. But it will kill you! Without God your moral compass is useless.

  7. Oh Lord you created tears for worship and not for pain. But through my pain help me to worship you.

  8. The ocean is chaos and crashes towards us. But don't worry God has set its boundary; His boundary around our hearts.

  9. Today is the day; do not harden the soil of your heart. Add water of repentance and till the soil by beating your chest saying Lord have mercy. Oh yes, now there is a good soil for Word of God to produce crop in your life.

  10. We need more men with a gentle spirit. So gentle they are respectfully called Gentlemen.

  11. When God assigns you to something stay on it till God releases you.

  12. Don’t live your life for Christ like the giving of your tithe. God wants all of you not just ten percent.

  13. History tells us what happened and science tells you how it happened. Many people reverse the two and invent their own realities.

  14. Let Christ in you influence your surroundings; don't let your surroundings influence you! 

  15. Seek one desire, His Kingdom and Righteousness every day; it will fulfill all the rest of your desires! 

  16. Christianity translates culture and doesn't dominate it. We don't rely on the state to ensure adherence, we have confidence in the power of God to rule hearts.

  17. While you wait for Lord; be in prayer and study so you’re not so anxious for a miracle but for Gods will.

  18. Anytime you see the word blessed in the Bible it is saint tested God approved!

  19. I’m sorry is only good for the moment but true godly repentance is for a lifetime.

  20. Don't be a walking time bomb; be a running water balloon. If someone squeezes you let them get Jesus all over them today.

  21. In every prayer to God always end it with a period. Commas just leave space for doubt.

  22. A human heart that has changed his life around for the better without God. Lacks one thing, freedom.

  23. Speak out your faith and let words inspire belief.  We are to become the message and not live by other people's messages.

  24. Emotions have the power to control your life. Be controlled by Gods Spirit not your own.

  25. God has placed a wellspring of life within each one of us. It empties very quickly with the intense heat of our trials. Our wells need to be constantly filled with the living water only Jesus provides. Don't be content with a water bottle when you can have an ocean of grace.

  26. Everybody you walk by today is wondering why they are here and what there purpose is.

  27. Before you Flesh a matter out. See if the Spirit of it is worth it.

  28. Get your life into a spiritual rhythm so that you can start making music to God in your heart. It will start to sound so good inside you that your mouth will echo His Praises.

  29. There are better love songs we sing about our spouse than we sing about our God.

  30. The most breathtaking beauty in the world is not the outward adornment but the make up of the soul. Spend more time in prayer than the mirror.

  31. One of hardest things to do is to get people to believe in you. You have to prove to them that you believe. Let your life be the proof of the hope you have inside.

  32. What if the only way you could stay alive was to read the Word. If your doctor said, "in order to keep you alive you need to read the Word of God. It has spiritual oxygen so that its not just a good story, or intellectual wisdom but a life giving source to you.

  33. God created you with so much complexity and intricacy. He did that so you would look for His signature in your heart.

  34. We are all living epistles with each individual person having their own unique name in The Book of Life.

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