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50 First Dates

One of my wife's favorite movies is 50 First Dates.

Letter I wrote to my wife inspired by Holy Spirit.

Dear Elly Ramos,

Good morning my beautiful daughter, I want to welcome you to a new day. I need you to relax, I know your scared and confused not sure of your purpose today. I inspired your husband Manuel, (yes you are married and you also have an adopted son Ivan, will explain later) to write this letter for me so that you can know who you are and how much I love you. I am your Heavenly Father; I created you in your mother Janet’s womb. Since the time of your birth I have followed you wherever you go. You were the cutest baby, and I longed for the day when you would be mature enough to understand the mysteries of life. I know through the years you have built up a lot of questions and have felt alone with no one to give the answers. The truth is I have been pursing you all of your life in different ways that you have not been aware of. Let me start off by saying, “I am so in love with you”. I know one of your favorite movies is 50 first dates, let me use this movie to explain my love for you even though you can’t see me or remember me.

Every morning you wake up, every day that passes by I am constantly trying to get you to fall in love with me. There has always been a lot of competition out there for your love. First were your parents, then friends, and more recently your husband. Also things in this life have brought you love like money and worldly possessions. But I know every day you wake up empty and sick, there is a longing in your heart to be love beyond the superficial. I put that void in your heart so that nothing in this life would satisfy you. That you would thirst for real love; that you would hunger for a pure love that only I can give you. What is pure love? That is the kind of relationship I want to have with you and is the purpose of this letter. You see there was an accident many years before you were born. I had a plan already laid out to love all mankind as one, and enjoy a pure personal love with each one of them. This accident that happened was sin. As you look around your world today everyone has a free will to choose things that brings life or death. Unfortunately the first human beings I created chose to love the knowledge of these things rather than to choose the knowledge of my pure love. This is called sin my daughter. All the suffering in this world and all the suffering you have had comes from this word sin.

I created this Earth and I put it in motion by the power of My Love. Without my love this world would cease to exist. Every day people just like you wake up and walk upon the face of this earth by the power of my love for them. Though many do not know me or even look for me I sustain them. I hate to see them suffering and I hate to see you suffer because of the love of sin. My daughter you are no different from the very first humans on earth. Your nature is to choose the love of knowledge and of power over the knowledge of my pure love that I have to offer. Do not let your heart be troubled, I have had a solution for this problem since before I created the earth. Knowing that if I gave you the free will to choose my love or your sin, I would still have an opportunity to win you back. There is an even bigger letter I have been writing through the years through different people throughout history to show the entire world and especially you my pure love.


This letter is called the Bible, where I show you how much I want you and love you despite all of your love for sin and its failures. No matter how far you have gone, my love is always waiting for you. Just like in the movie, where the girl every morning wakes up to watch the video to try to remember who she is. My Living Word the Bible is there to remind you of who you are and how much you are loved. There is a theme throughout this whole letter I have written to the world. Only through the Power of my Love will you see it, once you do you will never be the same. We will share our pure love together and be bonded together forever. This theme is Jesus, my Son. I sent him to earth bare in human form but dressed Him with my pure Love many years ago, to save you from this separation of Love. He lived and died on this earth a sinless life so that you can be restored to my love. I know this is a lot to take in and I know this seems crazy. But my love for you is beyond crazy. Please read my letter to you the Bible and I will every morning, ever day be by your side reminding of my Love through Jesus. I am willing to go 51 first dates and beyond.



Psalms 51 can be our thing, our love passion.

I want you to know that one day you will die in this life. Please do not hold to the love of this life on earth, hold on to the power of my love. You will not be saved from this life by the things you do whether good or bad. You can have peace now knowing that you have been saved before you were born. Live in pursue of my Love every minute of every day and you will be saved from an eternal death apart from my Love. This Pure Love will sustain and change your love and affection from this life towards me. Just love me and pursue righteousness in your heart, that’s all you have to do. I will do the rest. You will have Heaven on earth. I am your Heavenly Father.

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