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What Men Want and Women Need

The Hostility Of The Cross.

There is an insatiable feeling of want that a man feels for every woman. That was handed down through Adam as He chose Eve over God. There is also an insatiable feeling for need that a woman feels for every man. That was handed down through Eve as she chose the serpent over God. Mankind has been on its belly like the serpent eating the dust of lust ever since. Jesus has come to bring order to the chaos of lust in man’s heart. There has been this enmity between the serpent of old and the woman since the beginning of sin on earth. A hostility between woman physical seed, (which in her seed man comes from) and the serpent spiritual seed in mankind. Jesus came to be freedom to this curse over mankind. He never married, never had children, and never lusted in His heart for the pride of love and life. God in Christ became a curse for us, and was raised from death as a first fruit of new creation. He is the renewed Image of God for all mankind. He became man so man can be with God and with each other in Peace. He has become the want of every man and the need of every woman. He has become Husband to the Bride of Christ. He has become the Head of every man and woman. He is the Head of the Body of Christ! Jesus is the spiritual and physical unity that men and women have been waiting for since the fall of man. Amen. (2 Tim. 2:14 And it was not Adam who was deceived by Satan. The woman was deceived, and sin was the result. But women will be saved through childbearing, assuming they continue to live in faith, love, holiness, and modesty.) 

(Romans 5:12-18 Sin came into the world because of what one man did. And with sin came death. And this is why all men must die—because all men sinned. Sin was in the world before the law of Moses. But God does not judge people guilty of sin if there is no law. But from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, everyone had to die. Adam died because he sinned by not obeying God’s command. But even those who did not sin in the same way had to die. Adam was like the One who was coming in the future. But God’s free gift is not like Adam’s sin. Many people died because of the sin of that one man. But the grace that they received from God was much greater. Many people received God’s gift of life by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ. After Adam sinned once, he was judged guilty. But the gift of God is different. God’s free gift came after many sins. And the gift makes people right with God. One man sinned, and so death ruled all people because of that one man. But now some people accept God’s full grace and the great gift of being made right with him. They will surely have true life and rule through the one man, Jesus Christ. So one sin of Adam brought the punishment of death to all people. But in the same way, one good act that Christ did makes all people right with God. And that brings true life for all.)

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