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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

In a perfect world different colors create rainbows, but in an imperfect world different colors creates chaos and hostility. The earth in all it's fullness is so colorful yet the heart of man is so bland.There is no color in the darkness of evil, only in the light of the Face of Christ will all colors truly shine it's worth. Red, yellow, white, and black are all precious in His Sight. From the dart blue frog to the lilac breasted roller, from the Great Barrier reefs to the Rainbow Eucalyptus Groves, and from the dancing children in Puerto Rico to the smiling elderly in Japan. I look forward to the day where the leaves of trees will be healing to all the nations. Where from the footstool of Heaven I will see Him who sits on the Throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, forever and ever! To the most colorful King I bow in awe of your many colors, The rainbow around your Throne fills the Temple of my soul! 

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