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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

I believe that simple prayer will accumulate so much spiritual interest, that the windows of heaven cannot contain the riches and blessings found in Jesus Christ. So much blessing poured out beyond what you can ask or think. Your boat will be full of fish and your nets stretching of the sheer weight of God's Glory and Power. If only you would simply pray about it, your faith would stir and then maybe you would Believe! If you believe oh man anything is possible with God. Yes even raise you from the dead! Do this: grab a penny and use it to remind yourself of what just one prayer can do in Jesus name. I only ask that when your blessings come you would throw away the penny lest it become an idol to you. You are God's idols here on earth, worship no man or thing on earth only your Father in Heaven.  

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