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Oh To Wise Meditations

The safest thing you can do is to just take one talent, your life and bury in idleness and worldly pursuit. We dig a hole and hide our lives in the fear of failure and loss. Afraid of this world and the mysterious God who made it. Without the knowledge of Jesus Christ, this life is a mystery to all walk this Earth. There is a fear and a trembling we feel when evil is near. I challenge you to be dangerous. You have more than just this one talent of life because of our Lord Jesus. In him you are worth much more than ten talents of silver and gold. Jesus would be at a debt if he lost you. He wants to make your life abundant, abundant like turning your 5 talents into 10. Your 2 talents to 4. Even in your 1 talent in the bank He will give you the deposit of the Holy Spirit. Do not forfeit your soul for fear but dedicate your life to the Gospel of Jesus. You have the potential in Christ to do great things. Do not be the ones having to dig out their one talent with nothing to show for. The blood of Jesus deserves a living sacrifice. Meditate Matthew 25:14-30

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