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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Everyday we are all fighting to stay alive. Whether in good or bad health. Whether in good times or bad times. We eat certain things to help us live longer. We don't do certain dumb things to avoid danger. We do this because we want to live even though we are going to die. This a blessing to many and a curse others. Are we alive just to exist and get what we can out of life. Or can we live with purpose and dare try to find the good in everything. Tell that to the amputee, or the blind, or the deaf. Many of them live better and more positive than people with no disabilities. I'm reminded of the old song staying alive. I could never understand the lyrics but that staying alive part always stuck out to me. I exhort you to stay alive, keep the faith, and cherish this life you have been given. In death all is sealed and done. But in life there is hope, there is faith, and there is love. Live today like there is a tommorrow. In Christ we will never die again. So let this life in which we all must die bring you freedom. Freedom that your not alone in the universe and we all are experiencing the same things. But those who believe that Jesus have future existence after death. Life free from the fear of death and love your new life in Christ. Grow into this life and see that the Lord will raise you up. On that day we all must face, take courage, be brave, Jesus has overcome this world, death and the grave. Follow Him there is light at the end of the tunnel, its only the beginning. Meditate Ecc. 9:5-8

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