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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Most of our lives we spend waiting. Waiting in traffic. Waiting for barber. Waiting on phone call. Patience is of the essence and something we don't have in us. In our flesh we wait on certain things but if we are truly honest whatever is the quickest and effecient will do. So many things if we had the Spirit of God in us providing the patience we need. We would make better choices and not be in a rush to please self. I find it amazing that patience is a fruit of the spirit. Much like peace, the world offers us it to but God had a different supernatural peace in store for us. It is the same with patience, the world molds us and conforms us to please our self. Being only patient if it benefits only you. The patience God offers endures affliction and produces a peaceable fruit of righteousness. Giving us a strength to endure and not cave in to natural evil desires. But having enough godly patience for all things to work out for you even in the worst of situations. Stay persistent in prayer during trials and tribulations. You will see a joyful hope spring up in you that gives you the patience to overcome this life. 

Meditate Romans 12:12

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