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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

I have confessed my sins to you Lord, how is it that you remember them no more? It's like you have read my heart and when your done you burn it up with your passionate love. You burn after reading because what matters to you is if I confess it and make it as right as humanly possible. Everything else is supernaturally covered by the Cross. Jesus you have taken all the things that are against me and thrown it into the fireplace of your Holy Spirit. Through my weaknesses and failures you are showing yourself strong by the power of your Love inside me. The Holy Spirit in me is burning a fire of life that lasts for eternity. The desire to sin is quenching and the lists of sins committed is getting shorter. Faith by faith, being read by my Savior, I am being burned after reading. As a matter of fact, after you finish reading this I pray you would burn for Christ after deIeting.

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