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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Take away a baby from it's mother or father, it will look to the very next authority for love and nuture. We are all like baby ducks following our mother or father and some how we get split up. We get busy in the cares of this life and forget the ones we love. We end up in a strange path of life and wonder if only I would have made better choices. Many of us give up hope and spiritually wander the rest of our days. Even worse, we get caught up by bad company and get devoured by a wild animal. It is sad to see a baby animal lost from it's family. Oh Jesus, how much more disheartening is to see a person abandoned or lost by the world. Having no hope, no joy, and succumbing to the evils pressures of this world. Every person desires to be love and be loved, and many go to there final resting place with broken hearts. I am so thankful that you Jesus care for all the lost people in this world. Baby chicks that got separated not only from there earthly family but also from the Heavenly family. O dear child of God, O dear child of the King! So many times Jesus has wanted to put his arms around you. Like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not let him. Jesus you became human so that you could put your arms around us and hold us for eternity. I feel so safe in the shadow of your wings. There is so much room here, I see all kinds of baby chicks that need a place to call home. Come all who are weary and burdened, you will find rest for your souls. We don't have to live like we are lost anymore, we can live like we have been found by our Heavenly Father. Don't stay out in the cold of this world alone, fending for yourself in the darkness of the past. There are wild beasts out there with evil people who will use you and exploit you. They will lead you to a snake hole to fall into your destruction. No, you should find shelter under His Wings. There you will find warmth, peace and safety. Meditate Matt. 23:37

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