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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh Lord sometimes church feels like I am at the beach very close to the shore. People take their seats on the sand and enjoy the cool of the day. With Holy Spirit blowing out a fresh breeze and the Father sending out his warm rays of love.  Worship feels so wonderful enjoying the very Presence of God. Lord, you call us to come close to the edge, to the shore of refreshing forgiveness and grace. To get near to the splash zone where living water is falling upon the children of God. Even if you sit in the back you can still get wet. But come forward with me now, Jesus is about to do a cannonball in deep living waters. His glory is so high and so lifted up, that when the weighty presence of Christ hits the water it powerfully washes our soul! Look I see Holy Spirit descending like a dove, a fiery flame over our hearts. Thank you Jesus for a great day on the sandy shores of church.

Meditate Job 38:16

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