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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I'm trying to figure this out. Jesus, help me to make sense out of this. I was born into this life already with sin debt. Like others before I added to the sin debt of this world. What was once a perfect world mankind has been ruining it because of sin and death. Jesus you came into this world to settle all debts from the beginning of time and to the end of the age. Your blood, your body was payment for the remissions of sin. All those who believe in you are like the America dollar. We bear the name, in God we trust, for a new life now debt free from sin. Yet we must still live in a world filled with debt it cannot pay. As Christian's we live in a debit life, meaning we are free from condemnation and debt. We don't have to keep borrowing from the credit of our sins getting further and further into sin debt. Just one sin keeps us away from surplus in our lives. One day we are in the red and one we are in the black. And many of us are so far from debit life we have given up trying to living a righteous life. Your best day of goodness will not keep you holy. Your only hope is a steady relationship with Christ. He is the sin debt payer and has canceled everything that was against us. Without Him we are a slave to sin and will keep running up sin debt unto death. He is Saviour and Lord over your soul and body. We must live in the abundant riches of grace so that when we do sin it does not build up in our lives. Yes there will be days in the negative, in the red but in time you will see your life changed from credit life to debit life. You will have built up so much spirit and life in you that even if you have just sinned you are not even close to the red. You are in abundance and don't want to pursue the greater debts of sin. The sin in your heart was dealt with before it could get worse through your body. Grace is there through Jesus Christ you just have to ask for it. Mercy is there you just have to receive it. Stop sinning before something worse happens to you. Before you gain the debt of the whole world but lose your prosperous soul. So many people are in so much debt of sin that they don't even try any more and go worser and worser into sin. If they only knew the Cross is enough for full payment for all sins no matter how much debt you have accumulated. Beware also that you are comfortable being hot and cold in your walk in Christ. You may be close to the red and not even realize your abundance is running out. You are living for more of the debt of the world than for the riches of Christ. Live in black, growing in your relationship with Jesus. You will then safely transfer all your treasures filled in earthly barns into the storehouses of heaven. Meditate Matt. 6:19-21

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