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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

God came to the caterpillar and said, you will become a butterfly. The caterpillar looked at itself and said, I don't see what you see? God said, do this, cocoon yourself around my hands and watch how I intricately weave what I have placed on the inside of you to show on the outside of you. You were born a butterfly but I formed you as a caterpillar to truly see it. God formed us in the womb and made us human. But only through rebirth in Christ do we see that we were meant to be true sons and daughters of God. When your in close relationship with Jesus it's like you are in a cocoon with him. In this secret place is where you are being transformed into the Image of God, into the likeness of His Son. Soon we will bust out of our cocoon and see him as he truly is, our butterfly. Study Romans 8:29

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