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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Weakness is killing you. Sin has you at its mercy causing you to fall into all kinds of temptations. Even for a righteous cause you are not able to stand because of the spirit of weakness. Examine weakness in your life. When anger creeps in like a flood, how strong is your relationship with Christ to let it dissipate? When lust hangs around longer than it should, how strong are you to resist your bodies desires? How about the fire of trial, do we have patience to persevere over pride? What we call strength in this world is totally different from what God thinks. From afar man would look at Goliath and trust in his physical strength. But God looks at the heart, and David was stronger than any man in Israel, including Goliath. Our source of strength is our heart and without Gods Presence we are weak and feeble in spirit. The human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit? We are weak but God is stronger. Through the Cross Jesus can be our strength for righteous living. We do not need to live in weakness but can endure the fellowship of Christ sufferings. The power of the Gospel is that we can renew our our hearts and minds and be free from sin and death. I can fight sin in my life because Jesus lives in me. God chose what the world considers foolish to shame the wise. And He chose what the world considers weak to shame what it considers strong. He chose what the world considers insignificant and contemptible to nullify what appears to be something. This was all done so that no human being could boast in front of God. Our weakness to sin gives us limp hands and weak knees. Our bodies are frail and subject to sin and death. But your heart is alive in Christ! Every day is a battle of the spirit and the bodies desires. Keep the power of the Gospel in your life through day by day relationship with Christ. He will give the strength you need to conquer sin in your life. Your weakness or propensity to sin can be dealt with by the Cross. Jesus lived as a man and never sinned. Only He can strengthen a weak spirit to bring a sinful body into holy submission.

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