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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

There are two types of christians in the race of life. The prideful hare and the steady tortoise. It has been said that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. The prideful hare is confident in its training, its education and prestige. When it runs it flies by the steady tortoise showing off its speed. It wonders why this tortoise is so lazy and slow. Get your christian walk together already and let your faith be so. The steady tortoise's heart is established though, with a shell of protection over its mind. It is not afraid of failure but moves gracefully from faith to faith. The prideful hare loves to receive praise, it stops often to belittle others and argue meaningless things. Wanting to race the weak in faith causing them to stumble and fall. Not realizing its been taken off path with a faith that is falling asleep. The steady tortoise keeps going towards the narrow path. Even if it slips or gets distracted by the world. It stays in constant relationship with God, keeping it's eyes on the finish line. There are so many spiritual hares that have fallen asleep off on the beaten path. Be careful that your righteousness does not exceed that of the pharisees. The faster the speed the harder the fall. It is the steady quiet Christian persistent in prayer, patient in affliction, and joyful in hope that lives victorious. You see the hare has already received it's reward and the finish line is it's trophy. The steady tortoise knows he has already won the race, there is no competition among the brethen. Jesus is the trophy it carries across the finish line on that final day. The hare if it makes it to the finish line, brings nothing but a bunch of rotten carrots. Study Rom. 12:10-12

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