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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I'm trying to make a master piece out of my life. I started with blank page and now I've got a full out symphony in the making. Note after note my life is a series of chords I am perfecting. When I feel my hearbeat it reminds me that their is more life to be written. More life experiences and trials to go through, knowing God is working all things for my good. I must take things at the pace of adagio, a slow tempo or slow speed. Letting Holy Spirit renew my mind is a process not to be rushed. Spending time with God is like learning an instrument with an instructor. Little by little I improve and make beautiful musical notes. Like a crescendo growing, as in a swelling of sound becoming louder. I am growing in Christ, I can feel it in my bones! The dolce of Holy Spirit inside me is performed sweetly and delicately. This life I live is not meant to be a solo, the symphony that is being written for me is done by a trio, The Trinity, three in one. What masterpiece of a God we have! Meditate Ps. 146:1-2

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