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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Move forward in your faith. Not just for the moment but for a lifetime. Trusting in God that He is guiding you by the power of His Living Word in you. Be not crippled by indecision or the fear of failure. Jesus, the pioneer of our faith has won us the victory already. It is by His Grace that He calls us to take steps of faith towards the battles in our lives. The Scriptures say that when the lot fell to Matthias, the one who replace Judas; he was added to the eleven apostles. Yes, moving forward in their faith, the disciples nominated two men—Joseph called Barsabbas, who also was called Justus, and Matthias. They all prayed, “Lord, You know everyone’s heart. Show us which of these two You have chosen to take over this ministry and apostleship, which Judas abandoned to go to his rightful place.” Many times in our lives it feels like were casting lots to make big decisions that will affect us. Our faith is like casting lots and is the way to settle the difficult cases in our lives. Season these times with prayer asking God to show you the way He has chosen. Now, move forward and take a step of faith in the direction Jesus is calling you. Decision by decision, step by step straws are being drawn. We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall. Follow his lead and we will be better for it. Study Prov. 16:33

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