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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Untamed by sin, you are a wild horse roaming the earth with its wild desires. Having no self control living a life of sin and selfishness. Doing things your own way instead of Gods way. Because of this, you have no understanding and need to be controlled with bit and bridle to make you come to God. Now God does not force you to come to Him, but once you received Jesus as LORD and Savior, you receive the gift of Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ within us begins to convict us of our sin, about God's righteousness, and of the coming judgment. Its the personal presence of God coming into a wild spirit like ours and bringing peace and surrender within. The more closer you get into relationship with Jesus the more the wild spirit within you is tamed to obey his every word. But if wild horses drift away on the only road they have ever known. Like a drifter born to walk alone is the wild horse without God. The uncontrolled life becomes and is the cursed life. We were meant to be in the Kings stable not out in the wilderness succumbing to sin and death. So close to Christ in our hearts, we are tamed and renewed in our spirit and life. Allowing Jesus to be able to use us for his bidding. We hear the masters voice and yes we see the masters love for us through tender love and care. Its amazing how God puts the bits of Holy Spirit into the spirit of a wild sinner and makes them obey, turning there whole life around.

Study Jer. 8:6

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