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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Little strokes fell good oaks. If you divide a task into small parts, it becomes easier to do it. Ever been asked to pray for something that is overwhelming? Or something big in your life that you don't see an answer to do? We know God can do the impossible, and nothing is too hard for him. But sometimes when I pray for difficult things I have no idea even where to start. And yes we know also that the Holy Spirits groans our inner struggle when we have no words to express before the throne room of heaven. Prayer can be tough because its premise is all about faith. There are no magical words, and their is no extra effort like worrying, that can force the Father's hand. What we do have is the example of Jesus prayer life in scripture. I remember the story of Jesus when the crowds were hungry and it was getting late. Obviously the need was great, their was not enough food for everyone, Jesus kept it simple thanking God for what He had. Could it be that we make prayer difficult with our many words. Thinking with many words God will hear us more. As Christians, we are called to be devoted to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. To pray without ceasing is extremely hard at first glance. But what if we focus our prayers as little strokes fell good oaks. We already have the Yes and Amen in Christ. He is the answer to the promises of God for all our prayer needs. Maybe take our prayers and divides it's task into small parts. It will be easier to stay in a constant state of prayer if our minds are focused on the power of simple prayer. I guess what I am trying to say is lets make prayer more manageable in our lives. We have the Holy Spirit as our guide and witness. Lets try to make prayer more integral in our lives. Letting Gods will and purpose to happen without our doubt and insecurity getting in the way. Whether you are praying for things big and small, remember its your lifestyle of prayer that makes it effective. The prayers of a righteous person availeth much. God can do anything even with a prayer of faith as small as a mustard seed. But imagine what God can do with a stout tree of faith that bears fruit for the Kingdom. I still don't think that I have connected the dots with what I am trying to say, but I like what I have said so far. Bear with me. Let me summarize like this: LORD Jesus, praying without ceasing seems like a difficult task at times. Looking at your prayer life on earth how you took the time to pray and bless people in their own individual needs. Help me to break down prayer in small pieces giving me the wisdom how to pray appropriately to each situation. Teach me Jesus, to direct my prayers to what you see and not just paint brush over things I cannot explain. I want effective prayer not just in the physical but in the spiritual. What does it profit a person if they gain the world but lose their soul. Prayer is a gift you have given us because we were created in your image having a conscious that feels your heartbeat. In you Jesus we are even closer than before sharing in your physical and spiritual nature. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my mind be pleasing to you oh Lord. I ask Jesus that you help make prayer easier for me like breathing. Show me how to not swallow a camel during prayer while still keeping the integrity of straining gnats of doubt and despair.

Meditate Eph. 6:18


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