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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Asking God that the habit of prayer would become second nature to us. An act done repeatedly and often enough that sooner or later it becomes a constant stream of power in our life. We do not have because we do not ask God. And when we do ask we ask from wrong motives desiring to please ourselves. As we grow in the habit of prayer we will start to realize prayer is more about changing our mind than Gods. Becoming conformed to his perfect will and not our own. Let us continue to ask God for things we need, instead of resorting to ungodly means. Christians should be in the habit of praying. The bottom line is that, when you want something, you need to ask God and let Him decide what is best for you. When you have submitted your will to His, you will be happy with what He gives you, whether or not you get what you originally asked for. Trust in the process of prayer, because in the name of Jesus the impossible is possible. Yes, according to his sacred will. Meditate Eph. 6:18


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