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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The perfect life in this world is but a photo. You never know someone’s life and what they have been through until you see there heart and life. A photo is like a mask that people wear to cover many times the struggles. Or a covering band aid that when ripped off shows the pain and suffering of ones family. Photo's are good but can't be trusted all the time. Imagine if you just meet Job in his second set of children. From the outside family photo he had the most beautiful daughters in the land. Strong sons and much riches and wealth. But if you was to sit down and speak with him one on one. Imagine the beauty of his suffering you would see. More real than just a touched up photo, but real life happening and joy coming from so much sorrow. Don't be sucked into these photos yourself and putting up a front that all is well. Don't get me wrong, it is good to be happy and proud of the blessings of the LORD! A photo does it justice sometimes. But realize that much beauty can come from a life surrendered to God. Even in the harshness of this world and the trials we face, let us not be ashamed of our testimonies. Let us not hide behind our picture perfect photos. Let us be real in person and in life with each other. And avoid being jealous of other people's picture perfect photos, they need your prayers as much as you need prayer. Oh what a story Job could tell, would we be still and listen to those like Job who have a testimony to share? Or just be content with a picture perfect photos?

Meditate Job 42:12


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