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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

He is the God that stays. He stays behind when everyone else leaves. He stays behind after all the wreckage and pain you have caused. He is there to help pick up the pieces. He stays if hospice is the final choice. Even in the shadow of death He is there with his bright light of hope. Yes, he is the God that stays. Like a pet dog that will not leave a sick child alone in their suffering, he will stay behind and bring peaceful comfort. He stays behind after the shame and regret to fill hopeless souls. When everything is lost He can still be found. Look, his mercy is still there! He hasn't left us in alone in the pit our sins. He is still there after all that you have done against him and others. Many have passed by and mocked you. Too good to deal with your problems. Many people wanted to help you but they were to busy to care. But He is the God that stays. Jesus stayed behind after he was risen. He showed himself to those who failed him. He strengthen those who doubted. He loved on those who followed him. I think of God the Father after the Crucible of the Cross, making sure His Only Begotten Son was cared for after such injustice and wrath. Staying behind making sure he was buried properly. In a rich man grave he was placed, as angels kept there watch. I say we stay behind, after the music fades and the Pharisees say their prayers. Stay longer, fight longer, stay close. Stay behind with the God that stays.

Study John 6:67


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