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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Just one bath is necessary. After that, continually cleansing of your feet keeps you in close relationship with God. Let me explain. Jesus told Peter, "People who have bathed and are clean all over need to wash just their feet. And you, my disciples, are clean, except for one of you." When you first come to Jesus you are bathed and cleaned all over. Yes, justification by faith which is a washing away of all the guilt and sin from your entire past, present of future. But as we walk by faith in this life our feet will get dirty, we will sin and fall into temptation. That does not mean we need to question our salvation. We can stop smelling our armpits in doubt and trust in the forgiveness we have in Christ. Coming to Jesus daily for confession and cleansing shows that we have a part with Him. There are those who refuse to have Jesus wash their feet, denying the power of God in their life by the way they live. You need relationship with Jesus to walk this gift of faith out. And while you do not need to take a whole bath again in salvation. Their still remains a need for cleaning from sin throughout life. Jesus provides the vine and bread for The LORD's Supper. Let Him as well clean your feet daily as reminder that you are fully cleaned by his blood and sacrifice on the Cross.

Study 11:4


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