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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Cut a person so deep that they will never run out of passion and desire. We as humans know the flesh and earthly desires and we feed them when they come calling. The desire for hunger and thirst are our most basic desires that we must satisfy daily. But their is an innate desire in each soul for meaning, purpose, and eternity that is bursting at the seams of our hearts. It's like how a spring is formed between land surface and impermeable rock material. There is groundwater in between and water pressure causes a natural flow of this groundwater onto the earth's surface. And as rainwater enters and recharges an aquifer, pressure is placed on the water already present. Our hearts and minds are like this aquifer, a body of porous rock or sediment saturated with groundwater. Jesus comes with the rain of Holy Spirit, putting pressure on us to know Him deeply. Deep calls out to deep. All of sudden springs of living water start to pour from within you, and it doesn't stop. Salvation has opened up the flood gates for the King of Glory to come in! Their is a river of life that flows in this earth and in our universe. Our hearts have become harden rock because of sin and death. But there still remains a wellspring within in each and every one of us dying to be opened and know God eternal. Feel the pressure though, as The Cross of Jesus has burst open the rivers of life in rocky porous hearts. We are porous aquifers that need the pressure of Holy Spirit to cut up a well spring in us that can never be stopped. A righteousness overflowing, so that we would never thirst again for any other desire than knowing Christ. The

very words from the mouth of Christ are as deep water. Yes a fountain of wisdom as an overflowing stream.

Study John 6:63


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