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Oh To Be Wise

My Lord and My God, may I advance your Kingdom by faith in the Power of God. Help me stay away from being a teacher of the law and let it be by your Love that brings Faith to a weary soul. Your Law Oh Lord is good but I misuse it. It was not made for good men but for people who refuse to live righteously. If I practice sin and call it good, then your law is for me. I can trust that it will lead me to death and prove you Holy and Just. But the Good News is that the Power of the Gospel lets me break the chains of the law of sin and death. (A pattern of your flesh leading your soul and body to death.) And gives me the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus( A pattern of your spirit and Holy Spirit leading your soul and body to life). I no longer strive for perfection through my flesh, Jesus crushed performance on the Cross! I strive only to enter into spiritual rest, rest is relationship with Jesus in my Spirit. We are to live from our spirit now where the Holy Spirit is indwelling and is changing our heart to please God. God doesn't have to write 613 commandments in our heart. No, Praise God with the blood of Jesus He says Love God, Love your neighbor and Live! True children of God are those who let God's Spirit lead them. He will establish Gods moral laws in their hearts so that the Kingdom is populated only by faith and love. (Excerpts from Romans 8)

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