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Oh To Be Wise

There is a man of lawlessness coming. A rebellion that has been in the works since before the days of Jesus. He is for the people and not for Gods Truth. He Opposes and exalts himself over everything that is called Gods. Yes even claiming to dethrone God from the soul of man, His Temple. Many religions are waiting for there Messiah, their king to come. This man of Lawlessness will be the opposite of Christ and it will be everything your flesh ever wanted. Nations will be memorized by His miracles and wonders that serve the lies of wickedness. People will rejoice for the Anti Messiah has come. But praise be to God, Jesus the true Messiah will come against this Anti Christ. It’s amazing that in these last days of judgement mankind would still question God’s truth. The famous question, what is truth? This will be the difference of true Messiah and false Messiah. 

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