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Oh To Be Wise

The reason the righteous are bold as lions is because of their clean conscience. They have put away their dead works and now live for God in the new living way, Christ in you the hope of glory. The wicked run away in fear because of the darkness of sin they are living in. Any little noise or disruption brings worry into their hearts. The righteous have goodness and mercy follwing them all the days of their lives. While the wicked have sin and death following them. In the garden Adam ran away from God when no one was chasing him. His guilty conscience was keeping him in fear and at a distance from God. The righteous are bold to enter without fear into God's Presence so they need not enter evil with fear because of Christ Righteousness in them. The wicked take pride in doing things there way and live in constant fear of regrets. The righteous take pride in God's way and stay with pure conscience able ready for good works. Oh Jesus I want to be bold for you but not careless. Show me the way of the righteous so that I may walk in it and not run away from you like the wicked do. I run into danger because the lion of Christ in me. I fear no evil for the Holy Spirit gives me courage.

Meditation from Proverbs 28:1

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