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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

God's Presence is so Holy. He told His People to build Him a Temple so He can dwell with them. So sacred was this Temple that no one could just walk in. It needed to be an appointed individual only at certain times. Even before His Temple Gods Presence was portable in a Tent. And even before that His Awesome Presence was seen on a Mountain as the people of Israel trembled in fear from afar. Gods Presence has always had Power. In Him we move and have our being. He gives us the power to live this life everyday. Gods ultimate goal for mankind was to have this power inside our being. Somewhere from the fall of Adam and till now man has never fully understood God's Presence. It seems He is very far away and sometimes He is near. As the Living Word continues to spread around the whole earth, this understanding is becoming clearer. God desires a Temple not built by man but a living human body able to carry God's Presence. All mankind was created to bear the Presence of God. To reflect His Image, His Essence on Earth. This is why no man has ever seen God. He is Holy and He created us to be Holy, defiled by no unclean thing. But don't stop there, we are meant to be more than just a holy temple. We are to hold the very Presence of God. Sin has destroyed our temples. But God sent His Son Jesus to clean out earthly temples back into Holiness. This is so that His Presence and Power can be seen in living breathing temples. God in man, Christ in me the Hope of Glory! People are looking for God and you have the Presence there are looking for. Meditate 1 Cor. 6:19-20 

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