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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

God gives you the ability to create but not the power to sustain it. For example God may give you the ability to have as many babies as you want but you cannot do anything to keep them from dying. You may have the ability to gain wealth but only God can sustain your revenue. God may have given you amazing physical abilities but you will get old and lose many of them. God is in the small details of your life. And you thought it was all your doing, God is in control. God in Christ has given us Dominion on Earth for His Kingdom. We are born again in this world for a reason. To usher the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We have the ability to create with God a new earth one person at a time by sharing the Gospel of Christ. He is sustaining us with His Holy Spirit as He recreates man In His Image, the Image of Christ. Take Dominion as a son or daughter of the Living God. Heir to the riches and promises of Christ. Don't ask for power ask for authority, the authority to be under Christ and serve His Will in this world. The earth groans for the Sons of God to be revealed. We need to step into this thing.

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