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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

In the days of the ancient city of Corinth they used a business term 'to stand firm' meaning keeping the promise of payment. The mark of this promise was a seal, a wax put on an official piece of paper showing ownership. A guarantee or down payment was associated with this seal. This seal was placed as a sign that the full amount would be paid in the future. We are living epistles sealed deep within our hearts by the wax of the Holy Spirit. It comes with a guarantee that is seen in the supernatural life over sin we are living bearing witness to ownership of Jesus. One day we will all share in the glory of heaven if we stand firm in the promise of Christ. He already has paid in full on the Cross and is coming soon to open the seal our hearts and claim his full portion. Amen. Meditate 1 Cor. 1:15-22 

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