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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

Many men have lost there way through the valley of Sorek. There is a river called Delilah that is as long as it is wide and holds men captive to its raging waters. The longer you walk in the vallley the steeper it becomes. Leaving you with no choice but to enter the river rapids of Delilah. The temptrous waters are sweet like perfume but it's bitter taste keeps you from swallowing it. The river wants to know the secrets of your strength forcing you to tread water. You become weak unable to turn back, taken away by the raw force of desire in Delilah. Once your strength is all gone the River takes pride in it's stolen strength. The Delilah river has no need for you and spits you off from a waterfall, plunging into your death. Many a men have lost there way in the Valley of Sorek. Know this, before entering towards the deadly waterfall is a fallen tree almost like the shape of the Cross. Hold on to that tree, it is where many men have climbed out and saved there lives. I know personally because I have reached out and grab onto it myself. Amen.

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