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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

Jesus was stooped down low to the ground writing on the dust with his finger. The same finger in which He wrote the law on stone tablets. As the religious leaders pressed into him more and more demanding a verdict. Jesus stooped down low to ground again even nearer to the woman caught in adultery.  Perhaps if any man wanted to throw a stone at her Jesus would cover her. If any man wanted to shame her or stand over her. Jesus is close enough to her to protect her from her accusers. He wrote on the ground but this time its stroke was felt on dustful hearts. One by one each religious leader left condemned from the oldest to the youngest. We need to protect those who are caught in sin and are being shamed and condemned for it. Bear the stones of offense from their accusers.Tell those needing God's Grace and Mercy, in Jesus name go and sin no more. Study John 8:1-11

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