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Oh To Be Wise- Meditations

We are not robots. Nothing is automatic in us, we know and feel everything. We are real human beings that have real emotions and real thoughts about life and purpose. A robot is preprogrammed and only does what it has been told to do. A human has the power of the will, and there is beauty in a free willed being that submits itself freely to its Maker. A human being is Divinely made and has a heart of flesh with life in it's veins. The robot is man made with a machine for a heart and wires for veins. Always learning but never understanding. Robots are great for carrying information but horrible at living it out by themselves. They need human intuition just like humans need divine intuition. Robots are created in the human image just like humans are created in God's image. You are not a robot, you know and feel everything. You were created without human hands in a unique way.  A sonogram is a robot that allows you to see how God forms you without hands in your mothers womb. You were fearfully and wonderfully made to know and feel your God. You are not a robot. You can experience the Lord your God! 

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