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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

God will never be defeated. He will remain seated in authority even if the foundations are broken loose. Even if the nation's rise up against Him. Jesus the anointed King rules over the all the world and is coming with a vengenance. My broken spirit sings praises, praises to our God and King. Jesus give me a willing spirit so I can walk the talk. I want to teach transgressors your ways, I want sinners to be converted and to return to you. This life you have given to me is amazing. All the things we have done and all the adventures you experienced with me. You were there at my birth, who I am that you are mindful of me? I know you will be there in my time of death. You will not forget your own spirit and blood! I can't wait for my eyes and ears to be opened. To walk out from death and into life. Your Presence will take me away like a tidal wave, sweeping me away in your arms forever. 

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